GOTV Weekend News Roundup for Nov. 3-4, 2018

Today’s Roundup. Come for Bob Hugin pissing on Republican little girls and stay for the ‘sex with Bigfoot’ movie starring the school board candidate …

FiveThirtyEight predicts: Democratic wave in NJ – Wins for Menendez, Kim, Malinowski & Sherrill (don’t relax, remember they didn’t see Trump coming).

Have you seen this? You’re going to want to send this to every GOP-voting friend in NJ: “Hugin snapped at me and my little girls,” wife of GOP candidate says

CD7: One thousand people showed up in Somerset County for just one of the Tom Malinowski canvasses yesterday. Bonus: So many people, that it shut down the street that Bob Hugin lives on

By contrast this seems pretty lame: Introduced by Lance, Hugin flails away at Menendez in Somerset County

CD3: How to corner Tom MacArthur on his health care lies (Star-Ledger editorial)

CD11: Even in crimson red Harding Twp (Morris), Mikie Sherrill voters turned out

55% of VBM ballots returned: Democrats have a 20-point edge

Vote chasing in CD11: The mission to chase down mail-in ballots in the Sherrill-Webber race

How did we go this many years as a country without ever yet having a Native American woman in Congress? We may have one coming.

Can NJ Republicans walk back from their party’s Trumpian shift toward nativism? Maybe, maybe not

Menendez is terrible and you should absolutely vote for him: Cartoon (above) by Drew Sheneman, and here’s his commentary

Bill Orr’s series on Midterm Issues: Part XI – Important legislative races and a Public Question

For my Hillary sisters. From your Bernie sister (And why I’m voting Bob Menendez)

Jimmy Carter speaks out for a fair election in his home state: In Georgia, Stacey Abrams may become the nation’s first black woman governor in America. President Jimmy Carter, with decades behind him of monitoring fair elections all over the world, has called on partisan secretaries of state to step aside from the oversight of elections where they are candidates. The Republican running against Abrams, GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp, cannot rightly preside over this election, and President Carter has called on him to step aside and leave the election in neutral hands. This, after Kemp put 53,000 voter registrations on hold, the vast majority of them from African-Americans. This demand for fairness and neutrality in election oversight should apply in every state; The Nation is calling it the Carter Standard. UPDATE: Judge rules thousands of Georgia residents must be able to vote.

Chocolate, popcorn, vodka: A new poll says that Democrats are stress-eating and stress-drinking right now.



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