For my Hillary sisters. From your Bernie sister. (And why I’m voting Bob Menendez).

Anybody who knows me knows I didn’t have much feeling for Hillary Clinton. She is everything I want my Democratic Party to steer away from. Hard. I don’t need a Party that worships the establishment; I want one that’s fresh, forward, inspiring, progressive. All the things she wasn’t, to me. And accountable & honest; Hillary will always be under an ethics cloud.

But I voted for her November 8, 2016. Because I’m not crazy. I don’t have to be enthusiastic in a general when the alternative is a goddamn house fire, when the alternative is a quick ride to fascism. That’s why Tuesday morning at 6am, in my family’s sacred walk to the polls (VBM doesn’t give me that thrill), I will be voting for Bob Menendez. Even though, all those things about Hillary are Bob, too – the good, and bad. I’m not crazy. Only one of two people can win, and a protest vote right now builds nothing, only helps Hugin help Trump. And fuck that noise.

One other thing – about Hillary. In my life, I am surrounded by sisters for whom Hillary was everything. She carried them almost all the way up, their hearts in her matching pantsuit pocket. And since then, since that heartbreak, I’ve seen so many of them hurl their labors into change, flex muscles they didn’t know they had, work miracles. I just want to say that I see you, and I’m so damn proud. This is for you; SNL’s cold open 4 days after Trump won. I can’t watch it without crying. And I’ll never watch it again without thinking of you. Get all the way to the end of this; that’s my wish for you, on GOTV weekend. With love.

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  1. Christine

    This made me cry when I saw it too. I couldn’t stand how much it hurt. Same on many points – Bernie in primary, Hillary in general, and proudly with both.

    Blue down the ticket. We can argue favorites again someday when we have indulgent time later to do so, right now this election is life or death for too many people.

  2. Joe

    I also voted for Bernie in the primary (he lost by a wide margin in NJ) however, not being crazy, I voted for Hillary in the general election. She did win the popular vote by almost 3,000,000. The Electoral Claptrap did its magic on the Democratic candidate yet again. The progressive ideological purists bragged about voting for Jill Stein, they would never vote for Hillary because she would start a war and blah, blah, blah, ad nauseam. Jill Stein could not even beat out that idiot libertarian candidate (what’s Aleppo) who now wants to raise the retirement age to 72. We are stuck with this two party system, there are third parties but they are barely a blip on the national radar. When it comes down to the general election, it will be either an R or a D. I will vote for Menendez, I really hope he wins.

  3. Alma

    I was Hillary all the way. But I worked the polls on primary day and loved seeing all the older, first time voters Bernie brought out. Thanks for this, I’ve marched and rallied, and experienced so many firsts since that election, let’s win this together.

  4. Stephen Danley

    Love this post. Especially because there’s going to have to be healing among Democrats to be effective as a party moving forward. I’m proud too.

  5. K.Davidson

    Thank you for this- for wanting more and better but knowing that we can’t get there unless we work together, and yes sometimes that means compromises and voting for someone that doesn’t give you all the feels. I was with HER, I cried when she was nominated at the convention, I worked on her campaign but not hard enough, I cried on Election Day, and so many times after— but then I did what so many of us did, I got involved, I stepped up to make the party better I became a grassroots Org Chair, a Dem Committee- person, and then Chair in my town— this post made me cry but this time not tears of despair, but of hope that we can do this— TOGETHER.

  6. Bertin Lefkovic

    I wrote in Bernie Sanders in 2016, because I knew that Hillary would win NJ by a large margin and did not want to contribute to that. If the national popular vote mattered, I would have voted for her, gone home, and immediately taken a Karen Silkwood shower. I will do the same thing after voting for Menendez on Tuesday.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      A “Karen Silkwood shower”.

      Holy hell, that’s a brilliant phrase.


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