E-Day Minus 1 News Roundup for Monday, Nov. 5, 2018


Back to reality? You remember last month when the Stockton poll shocked everybody by showing the Menendez-Hugin contest neck-and-neck. Hugin loved it, quoted it everywhere. But Patrick Murray (Monmouth Poll) made a highly unusual criticism of a fellow pollster’s work, saying that the Stockton poll had undersampled younger voters and non-white voters and hadn’t corrected for that. Well, here’s the new Stockton poll, with a more representative sample including more young and non-white voters, and it show Menendez with a 12-point lead (51%-39%) with Menendez voters motivated by wanting a check on Trump.

Hotel Trades Council (where my late Dad was once a labor organizer): NJ hotel workers will head to polls on paid day off, thanks to union. This should be all of New Jersey!

Because New Jersey voters are smarter than Donald Trump. Trump’s pledge to send troops to confront a slow-moving caravan of Central American migrants and his pledge to end birthright citizenship with an executive order are widely seen as a desperate, last-minute attempt to energize his base in the face of a Democratic wave. Meanwhile, what worries NJ voters – and campaign volunteers – is the real stuff, health care (Charles Stile)

I cannot argue with this post. This was avoidable but the NJ Democrats simply chose not to avoid it.  NJ Dems better hope giving Menendez a pass does not come back to haunt them (Bob Hennelly)

Don’t Stop Believing:  The Democratic ticket’s GOTV rally in Middlesex, all for the guy at the top of the ticket.

Phil ’n Tammy’s Road Show for Dems: Gov & First Lady schedule 14 campaign stops for Monday

Get ready for some chaos on Tuesday: Provisional ballots & VBMs

Working hard, still, both in close races and ones with certain outcomes. A last-minute snapshot of the fight (NJ Spotlight)

Sure, if you can invent “teenage prostitutes,” you can make up (allegedly) an internal poll that shows you up 2 points, as Hugin did in Hunterdon today. Independent polls not being paid by the Republicans sho Menendez up, even by double digits

CD11 Jay Webber in diners: More proof Mikie Sherrill’s helicopter ads are working.

CD7: This photo is the most tired I’ve ever seen Tom Malinowski. He’s left nothing on the field, while the Republicans are just running on fear

10 juicy, Jersey Election DAY predictions (Lassiter)

Where’s your Gov? Out campaigning.


This is the right decision (if it’s real) and what we were asking for. Sweeney will stay out of the Alvarez probe

Court faults DEP in changes to radon rules, including finding in essence that DEP handed over some of its regulatory functions to firms it oversees.

You wish somebody’d thought of this before.  New NJ Transit division to take advantage of hefty real estate portfolio, generate money for operating expenses

Mysterious music coming fromDelaware?


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