Cindy Matute-Brown Brings the Revolution to New Jersey

Cindy Matute-Brown

Bumped. Justin is founder and chair of Our Revolution Essex County NJ. Promoted by Rosi

Bold. Independent. Unapologetic. Progressive. Those are the words being used to describe the newly elected member to the West Orange Town Council, Cindy Matute-Brown. And those are the exact reasons that Cindy was endorsed by Our Revolution Essex County and then the national organization of Our Revolution itself! Our Revolution is a national organization committed to fighting for progressive candidates and causes as they relate to social, racial, environmental, and economic justice! The local group was also supporting Terry-Trigg Scales and Jeremias Salinas in their run for West Orange Board of Education, in a race that is in a statistical tie between the 3 candidates seeking the 2 open seats and has not yet been called (see below).

Cindy ran for town council in an incredibly difficult town to win in. It is a political stronghold for two congressional districts. It has approximately 50,000 residents and is about 12 miles in size. Notorious for machine politics, Cindy not only took on the establishment, but also incumbents and other challengers in a crowded field. And to all the campaigns’s credits, they were incredibly issue focused. What made Cindy such an incredible candidate was her ability to never waiver on her progressive identity, yet appeal to voters from across the aisle who flocked to her calls for accountability and transparency.

But there is something historic about this win. Our Revolution was established as a national entity in August of 2016, and the local chapter was established in July of 2017. There are dozens of local OR chapters across the state. There have been many wins at a local level form some of the OR groups here in NJ such as Katherine Triggiano in Red Bank with the OR Monmouth chapter – but no one in New Jersey that has been nationally endorsed by the group has ever won. Until yesterday! Candidates have had to combat machine politics, county lines that serve to suppress grassroots and progressive candidate, navigating first time runs, and much more. And lets be clear, Cindy’s campaign won her this race and deservedly so. It was incredibly organized yet grassroots, driven by volunteers from all over town of all backgrounds. It was focused on issues and accountability. It was won with hard work and conviction. She is the exact type of candidate groups like Our Revolution and so many other great local groups can get behind. But in Cindy Matute-Brown, the revolution, Our Revolution, has finally made its reverberations known! The revolution continues!

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