2019 House Floor Schedule + Cool interactive tool about our House freshmen

So now Mikie Sherrill can schedule that town hall she promised this morning.

4 House Freshmen – Try out the great interactive tool linked below

And Tom Malinowski, Andy Kim, Jeff Van Drew and the rest of our delegation can step up and schedule some time of their own – to stand before their constituents and take whatever questions come in the door. Tick-tock, gentlemen. You, too.

The House Democrats just released their 2019 Floor Schedule, what Sherrill said today she was waiting on before nailing a date for her first town hall the week of January 14. Our 11 Dems and one Republican – we coming for you, Chris Smith, don’t sleep – are looking at 130 days in session over 33 weeks. It begins January 3, when the 116th Congress is sworn in. Steny Hoyer, just elected House Majority Leader yesterday, says they fixed a schedule that takes into account how many young members there will be, with young families. Aww. The chamber won’t vote before 1 p.m. or after 7 p.m., except for appropriations bills. They may debate and consider legislation after 7 p.m., but no votes will be held then – that should be helpful to working parents.

Our Freshmen: Now that you have the House schedule, here’s an opportunity to get to know the incoming House freshmen – including New Jerseys.

Check out this cool interactive tool: Congress’ incoming class is younger, bluer, and more diverse than ever. <– Click here. It’s an interactive tool. On the right, profile pics of all House newbies. On the left, scroll down and certain profiles will light up showing you such things as:

– how many Dems, how many Republicans?
– how many women? men?
– how many non-white?
– how many making history?
– what backgrounds they are? military? professional athletes? medical? teachers?



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