What’s scarier than 2018? Halloween News Roundup for Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

*** Trumpkins for Halloween. When good sense & good manners prevent you from taking a carving knife to the actual president. ***

Know somebody in CD3 you’re not sure is voting? Give them this Philadelphia Inquirer post, make sure they read every word: His seat at risk, U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur tries to thread the Trump needle in tense race vs. Democrat Andy Kim in NJ. Basically this is the NJ congressman who has most closely bound himself to Donald Trump, trying like hell to evade that truth with a wobbly GOP electorate that’s turning on Trump as an energized Democratic base lifts Andy Kim

Menendez is in the final stretch in the fight of his political life. Murphy and Booker are helping

Never forget whose ally Bob Hugin really isThe former Trump delegate and big contributor wants distance from the president, who is even less popular in New Jersey than Bob Menendez is. Today’s issue he wants distance on: Trump’s bizarre nationalist verbiage on immigration

Rejoice for this. In Pittsburgh, where thousands signed a petition telling Donald Trump to stay away, thousands more marched toward Tree of Life Synagogue in protest at his arrival. When his motorcade passed nearby, they turned their backs to it, and took a knee.

Krugman in the Times: Hate is on the ballot next week

Jersey natives are leading both sides in the national midterm fight; DNC political director Amanda Brown Lierman’s form West Orange, Republican Bill Stepien, who gave us two terms of Chris Christie, is Trump’s guy in White House Political Affairs.

White House is resigned to lose the House, and bracing for an exodus of staff worried about subpoenas from Democratic congressional investigators

Steve Bannon draws a crowd of 17 people at a rally in Topeka

LA Times: How Andrew Gillum turned the state of Florida into a beachhead for the progressive movement

Mueller says a woman was offered money to fabricate sexual harassment claims. He wants the FBI to investigate

Ben & Jerry’s 2018 Special EditionPecan Resist

Mikie Sherrill gets the star treatment from Canada’s biggest daily paper

But gerrymandering still stinks. New Jersey’s solid-blue, no-worry safe Dem seats

As for me, I’ve had it with the Green Party. South Orange mayor Sheena Collum on why she’s voting Menendez. Not why you think.

Phil & Tammy Murphy release partial tax returns – and the numbers are big

Phil Murphy launches new website to help boost NJ Obamacare enrollment

When you’re doing all right, so you do right. The 1 stunning thing Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora asked for in contract negotiations

Calmly landed an Airbus A320 on the Hudson River near the Jersey side. Now Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, after most of his life a Republican, is “voting for leaders committed to rebuilding our common values and not pandering to our basest impulses.”

Reading comprehension issues: Carl Golden (intentionally?) misreads letter by women leaders who want no political shenanigans in the investigation & reform of the Murphy administrations hiring practices

Income inequality: Tipped workers baseline pay is as little as $2.13 and hour, new move to raise it

“This website is under siege by Facebook and Google. Send help.” Star-Ledger has a request of all of us who care about journalism. They need our help fighting something that’s gotten bigger and richer, but doesn’t produce news. And they need a tool to fight back that we can help get them.

Hundreds unpunished – Lakewood fraud insider says NJ authorities misled public: A career investigator says he was made the scapegoat for a controversial amnesty program that allowed dozens of welfare cheats in Lakewood to repay just a fraction of what they stole, even though prosecutors and the state comptroller promised the public that fraudsters would pay it all back.

Commuter nightmare: Anger at NJ Transit overflows for second straight day as 111-year-old bridge fails again

Remember when it was all a joke? Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond play Trump while Trump plays a presidential candidate. On SNL Nov. 7, 2015, one year before the joke became the President.

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