What are you hiding, Tommy?

It’s been over 500 days since Tea Party sympathizer Tom MacArthur has held an open town hall with his constituents. During that time, he has made several critical votes in the House that directly harm the people he works for.

Yesterday, New Jersey Citizen Action placed a prominent ad in the local Burlington County Times newspaper asking him why he’s been silent. The ad was signed by over 300 constituents.

NJCA Program Director Ann Vardeman noted “It should come as no surprise that Tom MacArthur does not want to hear from his constituents on taxes and healthcare. His campaign is almost completely bankrolled by the very wealthy and the big corporations.”

This race is virtually tied in a district that has almost always put Republicans in Congress. If MacArthur is deposed, much of the credit will go to these grass-roots groups like NJCA, Action Together, and Indivisible.

Featured image (top) – Ann Vardeman speaking in front of Congressman MacArthur’s District Office this past July

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