Wednesday Night: NJTV Senate Debate: Menendez v. Hugin

Tomorrow night is 3rd in NJTV’s Debate Night series, 4 successive Wednesdays of hot-zone debates. Up this Wednesday is the one that affects us all; the U.S. Senate debate Menendez v. Big Pharma titan Bob Hugin. Hugin’s spent at least $24 million of his own cash on this race; ‘dirty money’ given some of his wealth comes from jacking up the price on a life-or-death cancer drug.

Blue Jersey will be at the debate, and live-tweeting: Follow @bluejersey

Penty of shade’s thrown at Menendez, too. In fact, NJTV’s David Cruz makes the point it’s hard to get either of these candidates to talk about much besides what’s wrong with the other guy. Menendez is left open to attack given the ethics cloud he’s still under; an 11-week federal corruption trial cleared him on some charges, remaining charges dropped by the Justice Dept. after a hung jury (a juror telling reporters the split was 10-2 in favor of acquittal).  Menendez pleaded not guilty to all charges, and sees the outcome as validation. Monmouth Poll has the senator up by 9 to 12 points, only 8% of likely voters still undecided. A whopping 72% say Trump’s an important factor in their Senate choice (84% of those against Trump), which helps Menendez, as his favorables are under water (28% to 45% unfavorable) and 88% are aware of his trial (he was severely admonished’ by Senate Ethics Committee). But these same voters say Menendez’ conduct was no worse than what most politicians do. (Clearly, we have work to do). Hugin’s trying to equalize Trump’s impact on this race by trying to make Menendez look even worse than the president, using his cancer winnings to peddle baseless pure bullshit allegations of  “underage prostitute” sourced (and discredited) to a right-wing rag known for its propaganda skills.

NJTV Debate Night – U.S. Senate Bob Menendez v. Bob Hugin
Where to watch: Find your local NJTV channel
Got questions for Menendez or Hugin? NJTV will include some viewer questions. Submit questions here. Or here.
Moderators: Michael Aron [NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent] and Lisa Desjardins [PBS NewsHour Capitol Hill Correspondent]
Where to watch:, YouTube, Facebook, also live streamed at PBS NewsHour website (and its Facebook).
NJ Spotlight & NJTV News will also provide real-time fact-checks and other commentary.
Still to come: Last debate in NJTV’s series is Halloween night – Andy Kim v. Tom MacArthur [CD3]
Blue Jersey will be at the debate, and live-tweeting: Follow @bluejersey

Below, the video Sen. Loretta Weinberg made yesterday with Menendez, discussing his record and her reasons for his re-election.

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