TONIGHT 8pm: @bluejersey will be live-tweeting the CD3 Debate Andy Kim v. Tom MacArthur

Deciminyan, CD3 resident & Andy Kim volunteer, will be live-tweeting – @bluejersey

Tonight 8pm is the last of the 4 Wednesdays in October with NJTV debates in Jersey’s hot-zone districts: CD3 Kim v. MacArthur. Andy Kim is endorsed by all 3 big daily papers – Star-Ledger,  Philadelphia InquirerAsbury Park Press

Trump’s ACA-takedown buddy

Andy Kim, former national security aide in the Obama White House, has outraised incumbent Tom MacArthur, who is seeking his 3rd term in the House. This race is close, with several polls showing MacArthur ahead by just 1 or 2 points, but the Monmouth Poll (read: most reliable) showing Andy Kim up 2 points (Kim 48%-MacArthur 46%), with insight that Dems in CD3 are more motivated by Trump than Republicans are. This is significant, because more than other NJ congressman – more than nearly all nationwide – MacArthur has bound himself to Donald Trump, who is popular in the Ocean County part of CD3 (about 40% of voters), but very unpopular with most of the rest of New Jersey, and CD3. MacArthur is so identified with the Trump/GOP plan to take down the ACA that part of it carries his name, and he backs the unpopular GOP tax plan – (seriously, read Tom Moran on this). You can expect it all to come up tonight big-time.

NJTV Halloween Debate Night – CD3 Andy Kim v. Tom MacArthur 
When: TONIGHT 8pm
Where to watch: Find NJTV locally
Streaming:, YouTube, Facebook, NJ Spotlight & NJTV News will also provide real-time fact-checks and other commentary.

Background & Extra Info

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Question for the candidates? NJ Spotlight is NJTV’s debates partner; they’re looking for input on questions to ask. Submit a question. 


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