#TBT – That time Michael Moore ran a Ficus against Rodney Frelinghuysen

Once upon a time, Rodney Frelinghuysen was so powerful nobody could touch him. In 2000, to underscore that, Michael Moore ran a 3-foot ficus tree against him. Within hours, Ficus for Congress campaigns sprouted up (as it were) across the USA, challenging incumbents. It was a sensation.

Feels like a long time ago. Rodney got even more cozy in his incumbency and power gig running Appropriations. Gave up even the pretense of hearing out his constituents. They took action; running town halls with a 6-foot cardboard cartoon Rodney. Enter Mikie Sherrill, Navy pilot, federal prosecutor, and walking feature story. One foot in the local activist community, and full backing of the party structure. Rodney’s chased away, Mikie’s leading in the polls, and breaking fundraising records. You can still make the case the Dems aren’t what they should be (you’d be right). But Frelinghuysen is over, Ficus is over, and Mikie can win. Here’s a look back at Ficus for Congress. I forgot how many people I know are in this, like Deb Huber (NOW-NJ prez), lots of familiar reporter faces, and local Morris Republicans embarrassing themselves. Here’s Ficus for Congress from Michael Moore – in 3 parts:

Ficus for Congress (Michael Moore, The Awful Truth). In 3 parts:
1 Ficus submits petition signatures, tries to get on the ballot
2 – Ficus challenges Frelinghuysen to debate. Gail Collins in New York Times, ‘The Ficus is Looking Better.’  No politician’s capable of photosynthesis.
3 – National Convention of Ficus Candidates. Movement spreads as alternative to bogus 2-party system. In Victory Gardens, Ficus out-polls Frelinghuysen.

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