News Roundup – Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Two Weeks till Election Day

Pinelands. Governor Murphy has been in office for ten months, but several of Governor Christie’s Pinelands Commissioners are still serving the dirty energy industry. Activists want him to appoint eco-friendly commissioners. Here’s NJ Spotlight’s coverage of the rally. Meanwhile, the State Department of Environmental Protection nixed a massive development project in the Pinelands.

South Jersey Congressional Endorsements: Philly Inquirer endorses Andy Kim and Jeff Van Drew. Star-Ledger also endorses Andy Kim.

Clearing the Path for Cory Booker, the state legislature is working on a bill that would allow him to run for Senate and President in 2020.

NJ Sexual Abuse Scandal. Governor Murphy brings in Christie’s former AG to investigate.

We’re Number 5. Believe it or not, four states have worse traffic congestion.

Solar Energy. Ignored under Christie, resurrected under Murphy, will the solar market collapse in 2020?

Speaking of Energy and Environment: Today at 4 PM  in Ridgewood: Rally to Stop the Meadowlands Power Plant

We don’t often agree with the Buccos (père and fils), but kudos to them for sponsoring a life-saving bill.

New Jersey pharmaceutical giants get sued by the State of Minnesota for high drug prices.

Marijuana legalization delayed, and Senate President Sweeney calls on Governor Phil Murphy for help.

Unless you live in Warren County, you should submit a vote by mail ballot. Here’s why.

Former New Jersey Congressman and tax evader passes away.

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