News Roundup for Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018

Fern Wolkin planted this Mikie Sherrill sign directly opposite Rodney Frelinghuysen’s house in Harding. 


Questionable poll? Stockton U poll showing Menendez-Hugin in a statistical dead heat pricked the attention of other pollsters, notably Patrick Murray, who says the poll undersampled younger, black and Hispanic voters. Btw, the FDU poll has Menendez up 6 points (as does Q poll in August) and shows there are still a lot of undecided Democrats; they could be the ones deciding this race.


Bombshell from New York Times details how Donald Trump actually got rich. Sells himself as a self-made man but he got $413 million from his father’s empire largely from helping his father cheat on taxes and commit outright fraud.

With Owner Exelon Generation seeking to sell the closed Oyster Creek nuclear plant to Holtec, NRC may speed up their review of the sale. Holtec would also get control of the $900 million decommissioning fund, which ratepayers financed over the years, to cover the cost of decontamination, demolition and handling of radioactive spent nuclear fuel.


To the Bat Cave! (in tax-friendly New Jersey): How New Jersey got the new Batman movie, ‘Joker’, filming here.



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