News Roundup for Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018


With his Heritage Foundation buddies: Lindsey Graham sees big election night for Senate Republicans

Black senior citizens ordered off a Georgia bus taking them to vote

Which candidates answered the questions? & Who left them blank?Vote Smart’s immigration questions in their ‘Political Courage Test’

Paul Ryan is coming today for Jay Webber, Leonard Lance, and Tom MacArthur, and the Malinowski campaign had a few choice words about him

Fellow millennials, it’s our time to make a difference at the ballot (Richard Sun)

Pretty crappy advertisement for somebody who wants to be their congressman. Jay Webber’s habit of blocking lots of people on Twitter & Facebook is now news.

Hugin’s now spent $24 million of his own money to beat Menendez

Both candidates in CD-5 lean right, but Republican hews closer to Trump

Bob Hugin’s trip to the gutter, reviving unsubstantiated allegations about Menendez

Professor cries foul after college nixes Mikie Sherrill appearance on campus

Stealing campaign signs in Monmouth: this retired Middletown cop


Turkish official: Body of missing Saudi journalist was cut into pieces. Trump just parrots Saudi talking points. on the same day he sends Pompeo to Saudi Arabia.

Poverty as trauma: The Poor People’s Campaign calls out ‘policy violence’ (The Nation)

Hillary Clinton says she won’t run again, despite Trump’s urging


Also not running for president: Phil Murphy

What could possibly go wrong? As Phil Murphy faces hiring scandals, he turns to Christie’s Bridgegate playbook (Charles Stile)

New initiative would smooth the road for plug-in electric vehicles

Loretta Weinberg will chair Senate Select Committee to investigate handling of sexual assault allegations against a former high-level Murphy administration official. Meanwhile, there may be the teensiest amount of opportunism in the GOP response, between Asm Hal Wirths wanting the feds in on the investigation and Asw Kristin Corrado looking for a broad investigation of all Murphy’s hiring practices and Asm Chris DePhillips saying Peter Verniero’s law firm should lose state work because Murphy named him to conduct the Alvarez investigation

Tom Moran: On rape scandal, Team Murphy cannot investigate itself

15 basic questions about the sex assault scandal consuming Gov Murphy’s office

Young Daily Record reporter killed in Randolph traffic accident

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