News Roundup for Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

Yankees did not honor hotel workers picket line at the Ritz-Carlton Boston, says UNITE HERE Local 26

NJTV’s Debate NightsTonight Sherrill v. Webber

They don’t wear pinstripes to honor the working man. Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-3 in Game 4 of the ALDS , now on to the ALCS. Winner goes to the World Series. Karma? Guess the Yanks shouldn’t have disrespected that picket line last week, eh UNITE Here?


Webber is so MAGA. CD11’s Jay Webber & Mikie Sherrill faced off in Ogdensburg, Sussex County. Webber quickly attached self to Donald Trump.

NJTV’s month of televised debates kicks off tonightMikie Sherrill v. Jay Webber.

A snapshot of the CD11 contest from And numbers from the Monmouth poll.

Squirrels in the middle of the road get run over. Yet here are Lance and Malinowski both trying to out-centrist the other.

Menendez hits Hugin on the one thing Hugin brags about: Calls him a ‘fraud’ for his business practices at Celgene

Christie-tied “Integrity PAC” spends more against Menendez

Wishes aren’t plans. CD2 Seth Grossman is raising money off the idea, from Grossman’s head, that Jeff Van Drew would impeach Kavanaugh

Gold Star father Khizr Khan in for Andy Kim. Watch.

Ted, you’re still creepy a f. Beto, you’re OK. 

Yesterday, we took a look at avoidance expert Rep. Chris Smith, 37 years in office but won’t town hall or debate. Look who else is scared of his constituents:  Ted Cruz declines, so Beto O’Rourke gets an extra hour on national TV by himself.


Feds were monitoring George Norcross’ phone calls, U.S. Attorney’s  office says the matter, a rumored federal investigation of procurement tax credits, is now closedOr is it? Matt Friedman has some very interesting follow-up in this AM’s Playbook.

It’s coming, because we’re not stopping it. DEP launches blueprint for making Jersey Shore more resilient to climate change. Ledger editorial focuses on GOP inaction.

Insider NJ’s 2018 Insider 100: Media. We’re in it. 

Audit of NJ Transit is in, Gov pledges it won’t ‘collect dust’. In the audit, NJ Transit’s embarrassing use of social media

Time to un-muddy this question: Where does the Murphy administration stand on charter schools?

Bear hunt banned from NJ-owned land, but that didn’t put a dent in the kill count

Starting Oct. 29, all NJ workers will finally be able to take a sick day – with pay

Murphy is gearing up a task force to brainstorm how to protect workers whose jobs may be threatened by robots & technology

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