News Roundup for Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Could Bob Hugin be the deciding vote that keeps McConnell as Senate Leader? Hugin/Menendez race is a dead heat.

Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: New Jerseyans (other than Hugin) oppose Kavanaugh.

Controlling the cost of prescription drugs. Senator Singleton takes on Big Pharma.

Looking to cut retirement benefits for new state employees, Sweeney panel proposes replacing pensions with 401(K) accounts.

Setting energy goals. New Jersey plans to do its part to help save the planet.

Whatever works. New Jersey man wins lottery using numbers from fortune cookie.

Preview of 2020? Trump takes on Senator Booker.

Baby Trump comes to South Orange:

More anti-Semitism in New Jersey. Congressman Gottheimer launches a rally against hate.

There are 105 EPS Superfund sites in New Jersey. One of them just got $74 million to complete its cleanup.

After 100 years, ferry service between Long Beach Island and the mainland resumes.

Musical mayoral chairs. Town gets third mayor since August.

Microbreweries: Upset at recent state limitations on events.

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