News Roundup for Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

Heads-up: Blue Jersey will be live-streaming Women Against MacArthur with Bonnie Watson Coleman & Tammy Murphy today 2pm at Blue Jersey’s Facebook


Did you miss it? Watch the NJTV Senate Debate – Menendez v. Hugin 

Analysis of the debate – from Snowflack (on Trumpian spin),  Stile (on Dems holding their noses), Biryukov (mudslinging), Friedman (Trump looms)

‘Hugin showplaces independence’That’s the title of a press release Hugin’s campaign put out after the debate. Matt Friedman points out Bob Hugin’s efforts to distance himself from Trump, which is difficult given Hugin literally represented him as a delegate at the 2016 GOP Convention, and donated six figures to elect him president.

Hugin is winning the Who won the debate? (completely unscientific) reader polls at both & InsiderNJ

The proper thing to do when Jay Webber says moderate Navy veteran Mikie Sherrill has a “socialist-inspired agenda” – Laugh

‘The man running to be my next congressman is a threat to my son’West Orange man writes of Jay Webber’s hostility to LGBT people, and fears for his 13-year-old son, who came out in middle school

Cash reward: Who ripped Jay Webber’s signs?

Jay Webber’s campaign says a violent threat against his children was delivered to his Whippany office

Do you have faith in NJ’s voting machines’ security? NJ election supervisors are less worried about hacking than I am.

Campbell’s Soup Company had to disavow their lobbyist circulating the conspiracy theory that George Soros’ foundation is supporting a caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the U.S. border.



Police are on the scene right now in NYC on a suspicious package sent to Robert De Niro at his Tribeca home,as potential explosive devices were sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, liberal billionaire George Soros, former CIA director John Brennan and former Attorney General Eric Holder over the last few days. Many of the packages carried the return address of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Time Warner Center in NYC had to be evacuated for the package addressed to Brennan, and sent to CNN’s NYC HQ in that complex.

Nothing to see here, move along. Cory Booker heads to New Hampshire




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