News Roundup for Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

Careful out there. Flash flood watch in effect for most of NJ today as the remnants of Hurricane Michael move through

RIP. North Arlington Mayor Bianchi, longtime firefighter, owner of Pal Joey’s Barber Shop, has died.  He was running for a 2nd term..


4 powerful Democratic & Republican senators, including Menendez, trigger an investigation into the disappearance of missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, believed to have been executed in Turkey. Khashoggi moved to Virginia after fleeing Saudi Arabia when officials harassed him for criticizing the policies of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Trump and Kushner have a very cozy relationship with Salman, but there are signs the Saudis have overestimated their importance to the U.S. Menendez, Ranking Member on Senate Foreign Relations, walked out of a meeting after Saudi officials were late. 

With a dateline from the most Republican part of CD7, ABC News’ flagship station is talking about the blue wave hitting Leonard Lance.

Mirabile dictu: After more than 1,000 petition signatures & constituent requests, the elusive Rep. Chris Smith has agree to debate Josh Welle.

Midterm Issues: Part II – Healthcare or “Can I pay my bills?”

In Morris, the Red and the Blue share a bathroom, all was very quiet in the building housing both Morris Ds & Rs before the televised debate

Twice as many Democrats as Republicans: More than 100,000 newly registered voters in NJ just in 2018 alone

CD11: No big fireworks, and little mention of Donald Trump, in last night’s NJTV debate Mikie Sherrill v. Jay Webber

Fred Snowflack spotlights one moment in the CD11 debate, where GOP’s Jay Webber seems completely out of his depth

CD2: Plenty of fireworks in the debate between Jeff Van Drew & Seth Grossman, who goes biblical when climate change is discussed

MacArthur lies again about health carethis time, to baby boomers (Star-Ledger editorial)

16-page Homeowner’s Guide To Property Taxes, has everything but why they’re so high.

At Sunday’s Hispanic State Parade the Hugin contingent, wearing Send in a Marine tees, tried to muscle up to the starting line of a parade Menendez was supposed to lead. They were sent further back and back they went. But getting Menendez re-elected here, in this blue state where that should be a snap, may be more of a challenge, and is forcing DSCC to invest here. Roll Call has the story.


PSEG wants ratepayer subsidies for all three of its Salem County nuclear plants, the last ones operating in the state, opposed by consumer groups in a hearing this week.

Aetna agrees to pay $365,000 fine for violating the privacy rights of hundreds of policyholders in NJ, including some taking HIV medication

At Insider NJ, a call for the NJ Legislature to take a stand for those victimized by sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

Price of health care really is more expensive in NJhere’s proof

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