News Roundup for Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

More national coverage of Cory Booker’s Iowa speech, the same slot in the same event where Barack Obama stunned in 2007: ‘You don’t give a speech like that unless you’re running for president.’  (Photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP)

United Nations climate panel: Catastrophic global change is imminent with little time left to scale back greenhouse gas emissions and stave off disaster

Cop who shot Tamir Rice 2 seconds after police car pulled up by a 12-year-old playing with a toy gun, just got another police job


CBS/YouGov poll has Menendez up by 10 points: 49-39%More voters find Hugin honest & trustworthy (49% to senator’s 29%) but a third of voters who condemn Menendez’ honesty are voting for him anyway. Voters rate him as doing the better job on healthcare and immigration.

Trump is upside down and energizing more Dems, in the same CBS/YouGov poll 

The LOL is implied? Still choking on the name of this Chris Christie-tied super PAC: “Integrity PAC” but anyhoo they just spent $64k on direct mail slamming Menendez


On Marcellus Jackson: Second chances shouldn’t extend to corrupt politicians (Star-Ledger editorial)

Phil Murphy’s liking New Jersey’s shot at stardom as the Garden State film tax credit is beginning to be used in movie & TV production

Big win for medical marijuana patients in the fine print of new bill

BURN: “Should a government that is not competent to run the trains on time take that risk with taxpayer money?” Tom Moran calls Phil Murphy’s plan to spark Jersey’s sagging economy by investing in venture capital projects “risky”

Supreme Court Justice Sweaty Bretty Kavanaugh

7 ways Republicans blew up the rules to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Former dean of Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s alma mater (as he said repeatedly in his hearing, avoiding direct questions) says Kavanaugh’s “very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy”. He calls his confirmation a “national tragedy”.

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