News Roundup for Monday, Oct. 22, 2018

Heads-up: We will be live-streaming the Rally to Save the Pinelands from Trenton starting at 12:15 PM – at Blue Jersey’s Facebook page.

This year’s Senate race was dirty, now it’s gross (cartoon above & commentary by Drew Sheneman)

One out of every 2 people in New Jersey, including me. More than 3.8 million New Jerseyans with a condition like heart disease, high blood pressure or arthritis. Or cancer. Or diabetes. Or a premature little baby. Star-Ledger reminds us voting for Republicans on Nov. 6 will potentially leave you or that person without insurance, or bankrupt. Or both. (Star-Ledger editorial)

When Cory Booker makes both 2018 & 2020 news: In Georgia for Stacey Abrams and Florida for Andrew Gillum

When Cory Booker makes both 2018 & 2020 news: In Georgia for Stacey Abrams and Florida for Andrew Gillum

Where’s your Acting Governor? Sheila Oliver has no public schedule today.

Where’s your Governor? In Israel. talking cybersecurity, life sciences and the overall innovation economy in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and making an agreement with something called the Israel Innovation Authority, the 10th state to do so

Tammy Murphy’s dad, who loved Phil Murphy ‘like a son,’ sent his last message to his daughter

Nearly all NJ workers will be entitled to paid sick leave very soon. Here’s what you need to know

‘The gut sickness of Donald Trump’s presidency’Malinowski finds some sapphire blue in ruby red’ western Morris

He investigated Bridgegate, now John Wisniewski on the legislative investigation of the scandal brewing in Murphy’s administration

New York Times endorses Malinowski & Sherrill, calls for a Democratic takeover of the House

Is your vote safe? Just one county can back it up on paper. And it’s not my county.

CD4: Josh Welle calls Rep. Chris Smith perverse in TV debate

Anybody else considering the possibility the Republicans are tearing up their own Jay Webber signs for sympathy?

NBC News/WSJ poll: Democrats hold a 9% advantage in the generic ballot, but both parties are fueled by “unprecedented enthusiasm”

Dems expect delays on marijuana as Alvarez hearings loom

White House plans to eradicate transgender from gender definitiondefining gender as immutable for an individual’s lifetime, based on genitalia at birth





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