News Roundup for Monday, Oct. 15, 2018

Canvass crowd & Bus for Progress in West Orange Sunday for Mikie Sherrill, Cindy Matute-Brown (Council) & Terry Trigg Scales (BOE). 1484 doors yesterday, 1000 Saturday, 2540 doors since Monday. 

Tiny gold busts of Trump, a square of sod, and a message to dogs: Pee on me.

#Unteilbar (“Indivisible” in English): Organizers expected 40,00 at a rally against the far-right in Berlin. One quarter-million showed up.

Spotlight on a matter poorly handled by Phil Murphy is national news. And Katie Brennan, 2017 Murphy volunteer and now Chief of Staff at NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency goes public accusing Al Alvarez, till recently COS at NJ SDA, of raping her. Brennan says she turned down a $15k offer from Alvarez if she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

When boys write headlines: Did Sweeney shoot his wad? Sweeney has things to say about the Alvarez mess.

Damage control begins: Murphy staff on the Alvarez allegations. Murphy says the administration “acted appropriately”. 

Workers inspect a dead bear brought to the state check station in Fredon (Rob Jennings | NJ Advance Media)

Just end the damn hunt. Bear hunt ends with 139 bears killed, protesters calling for a ban

To most people, they’re just local students. Surprising new stats show how many unauthorized immigrants applied for NJ college aid

Morris County Clerk Grossi sends voter wrong VBM ballot

Tom Moran tells the painful story of his sister’s suicide because a death with dignity option was unavailable to her.

Where’s your Governor? On his way soon to Israel & Germany; he talks about that trip in a presser in Newark at 12:30

Kushner paid no federal income taxes for years, documents suggest

Wilding. Pro-Trump pack of violent men who call themselves “Proud Boys” kicked and punched strangers and brandished a sword in NYC. Fox News reported “Antifa” was responsible (it wasn’t). The man with the sword? Gavin McInnes, “Proud Boys” founder and the co-founder of Vice Media

Waahhhhhh. MacArthur hits Kim for fundraising with one of the most popular politicians in USA

Cause and effect? More Americans see a Trump win likely in 2020 as Biden leads crowded Dem field, with Sanders 2nd, and Booker tied with Kerry at 5%. It’s still early, people. CNN covered Booker’s trip to Iowa: Booker: “Folk are folk.”

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