News Roundup for Friday, Oct. 5, 2018


Sen. Bob Menendez: “If that’s an investigation, it’s a bullshit investigation.”

Cory Booker: “I heard the chairman of the Committee say there’s no hint of misconduct. In plain English what I just read, there are hints of misconduct. So, it’s very frustrating that they didn’t do a thorough investigation that they didn’t interview all the relevant witnesses. They didn’t interview all the potential eyewitnesses.”

Watch LIVE The cloture vote going on now – which ends debate on the Kavanaugh nomination, and moves the process forward to a confirmation vote.






Drew Sheneman cartoon & commentary. And here are more for your collection.

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  1. bruce paterson

    tell booker, he should read the august 2011 union county prosecutor’s report investigating the pet project (Musicfest) of appointed county manager geo devanney (who was senator lesniaks nephew). There was musicfest proceeds found hidden and unregistered in county safes ($10,000), third parties sitting on moneis ($100,000) which was forced to be returned, money missing, contracts written vague for financial abuse, contractors overpaid by $24,000 no financial strictures on the cash from parking moneys, even “structuring” by devanney of his bank deposits. Prosecutor romankow’s summary: there was no criminal actions found. 1 week before the prosecutors report was to be released, devanney suddenly “retired” from his county manager patronage job at 49 years old.

  2. marshwren

    As far as i’m concerned, Van Drew’s election (aka, selected by George Norcross–guess he ran out of brothers or other close relatives) keeps the seat in GOP hands, and is a much more right-wing ‘conservative’ than LoBiondo ever was, especially on health care, the environment and even military spending. Give Jeff five minutes in DC, and he’ll be raking in the special interests bribes in record time.
    This is why i, and most people i know, either stopped voting for Democrats, if they haven’t officially left the Party altogether.


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