News Roundup for Friday, Oct. 26, 2018


CD7: Star-Ledger endorses Tom MalinowskiA moderate like Leonard Lance is neutered in Trump’s GOP: Malinowski for Congress

Alan Steinberg: Webber will likely vote for cuts in Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Nothing fishy here, move along.  Jay Webber uses a letter he says threatened his children to raise money for his campaign

Chris Smith hasn’t had a town hall in 25 years, and isn’t used to hard questions or skilled challengers. So APP’s informal debate was instantly hostile.

Back from Germany & Israel, and mourning her father, Tammy Murphy kicks off “Women Against MacArthur”

Bob Hugin’s campaign strategy continues to rely on low-info voters buying the unsubstantiated story of Menendez with underaged hookers

CD5: GOP challenger John McCann’s internal poll shows Gottheimer up by 9 points

Monmouth poll: CD3 still too close to call

Is this going to be Bob Menendez’ last ad? He ties Bob Hugin to Donald Trump without even mentioning Hugin’s name

Canvassing; it’s the new brunch. Montclair woman writes, Why at 59, I’m knocking on doors, canvassing for candidates this year. Oh, maybe because you’re awesome, and you get it.


Hudson County Exec Tom DeGise hikes minimum wage to $15 for county workers

Seton Hall students staging a 3-day sit in, demanding better treatment for minority students and adequate funding for courses on diversity

Alert the Thanksgiving cooks. The creator of the green bean casserole has died at 92 in Haddonfield


Anti-war voices applaud ‘must read’ Bernie Sanders op-ed demanding end to U.S. complicity in Yemen carnage

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