Midterm Issues: Part IX – Recent issues to sway voters and increase turn out

“The question isn’t whether we are a nation divided by anger and fear. The question is what we’re going to do about it.”  – Timothy Perry Shriver, chairman of Special Olympics

As Barack Obama recently said, “Too often, in elections like this, too many people get a little complacent. We can’t just hope for a better country. We have to go out and work for it. All of us.” That includes doing GOTV. Indeed, Republicans are holding their GOTV rallies, as seen on the left where Ryan and Webber attack Mikie Sherrill as a Pelosi clone, which she is not. We can and must do better.

In the six most contested NJ House races none of the Democratic candidates are considered “Safe” winners. In the Cook Political Report in CD 2 and CD 5 respectively Jeff Van Drew and Josh Gottheimer are rated as “Likely Democratic” winners, in CD 11 Mikie Sherrill “Leans Democratic,” and in CD 3 and 7 respectively Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski are “Republican Toss Up’s.” In the most challenging race, CD 4, Josh Welle is making a valiant effort but faces a nineteen-term conservative incumbent who is rated “Safe.” 

Likewise in the U. S. Senate race, where ads on both sides are in attack mode and fueled by large pots of money, the Cook Report has the race as a “Toss Up.” While both candidates have their failings, it is only incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez who has the voting record and positions which Democrats, moderate Republicans, and Independents are likely to support. Failure to vote for him endangers the ability of Democratic senators to have a say in legislation and nominations important to us.  

Each House race is different and generally focuses on local dynamics. Nonetheless the outcome of current races is substantially influenced by the fervor toward and against President Trump. Some people have already voted and many have already made up their minds, but new recent issues could still influence turnout. Because Trump is rabble-rousing his supporters, a high turn out of Democratic voters is critical.

Here are some current issues which may be helpful to sway undecided individuals and incentivize them to turn out. 

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