Midterm Issues: Part II – Healthcare or “Can I pay my bills?”

The NJ August 22 Monmouth poll found that healthcare is the top issue-related concern on voters’ minds. Poll Director Patrick Murray said, “Health care looks like the issue that could give Democrats the most leverage among persuadable midterm voters. It really comes down to family finances – ‘Can I pay my bills?’ Republicans, on the other hand, need to convince more voters that they are better off now than they were two years ago,” said Murray. 

In New Jersey Governor Murphy has implemented several worthwhile programs including New Jersey’s reinsurance plan, and an individual mandate law. He expects our premiums should decrease  by an average of 9.3 percent. In fact, national experts say premiums would likely be going down more this year if not for the White House casting uncertainty on the ACA’s future.

After many efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the House in 2017 finally passed the Trump/GOP insidious American Healthcare Act which would have partially repealed the ACA. It passed by a close vote of 217 to 213. Never mind that it failed in the Senate after several attempts. Republicans still would like to kill it if they could.


Republicans are vulnerable on these issues. Check out the positions of the Republican and Democratic House candidates in your district on these and other matters that concern you.

Our future next year if under a Republican House is not uncertain. It is bleak. Healthcare is an issue that can help us flip the House, and maybe even the Senate by re-electing Bob Menendez who is supportive of these issues.

Preview image above of protesters before a town hall meeting with Representative Leonard Lance.

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