“Imagine” – Bob Menendez’ new ad. What do you think?

Bob Menendez’ approval ratings are under water (28% favorable, 45% unfavorable) and a lot of NJ voters don’t trust him. But Campaign Menendez has read the Monmouth Poll which suggests likely voters care about that less, that it’s Trump uppermost on their minds. A whopping 72%  say Trump is a very important factor in their Senate choice, with Trump opponents the most likely to feel this way (84%) to 71% of Trump fans who feel this way.

So, here’s “Imagine” – one of the last, or maybe even the last of the senator’s ads. He doesn’t bother mentioning Hugin by name. Hugin’s just a tool in this ad; Trump’s tool. Because “Imagine a United States Senate giving Donald Trump everything he wants …”

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  1. Joe

    We do not need another GOP sellout in the Senate. Let’s get real, Hugin will support Trump and vote for 99% of the GOP/Trump proposals, like making cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If Breyer or Ginsburg retire, you know that Hugin will support whatever right wing/libertarian apparatchik that Trump selects for the SCOTUS. I will vote for Menendez.


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