Early voting & turn-out news in NJ’s hot-zone CDs

I have friends who feel like they’ve hit a wall, pounding out voter contact even as they read demoralizing news like Donald Trump’s attempts to absolve the Saudis for Jamal Khashoggi’s grisly and fascist murder. And other friends infuriated by the never-ending stream of press pieces about what the holy grail of white women think, do, and plan for election day, when they know black people save the Democratic Party on the regular, and that’s really only reported on in elections the mainstream press sees as ‘black-specific.’ And today, news that some vicious person is trying to blow up the Clintons, the Obama, George Soros and CNN. President Trump’s own conduct and encouragement of lawlessness is leading us into our very own private, but real-life dystopia. But in the middle of all that, I want to make sure you see this news, from TargetSmart and reported on by Jonathan Salant at NJ.com. Be cheered, but not too much, warriors of CD3, CD7 & CD11. Quoting NJ.com here:

In the 3rd District, where GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur faces former national security aide Andy Kim, 8,789 Republicans have voted versus 8,277 Democrats. Republican turnout was up 173 percent, and Democratic turnout grew 179 percent.

In the 7th District, where Republican Rep. Leonard Lance is running against former Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski, 7,384 Democrats have voted already compared with 6,419 Republicans. Democratic turnout rose 335 percent to 212 percent for Republicans.

And in the 11th District, where Assemblyman Jay Webber, R-Morris, and former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor Mikie Sherrill are vying to succeed retiring Republican Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, Democrats hold an early voting edge, 6,686 to 4,846 . Democratic turnout grew 299 percent while Republican turnout increased by 181 percent.


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  1. Matthew Cohen

    What about Cd4?

    Can we please retire Chris smith

    Go Josh Welle!


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