Cook Political Report shifts NJ Senate race from ‘Lean Democrat’ to ‘Toss Up’

Above, Cook Political Report’s current map. States shaded dark grey are Toss-Ups.

With election day 11 days away, Cook’s has just moved their rating of the Bob Menendez v. Bob Hugin contest from ‘Lean Democrat’ to ‘Toss Up.’

Good lord, that’s a sorry-ass sentence to type. There is no reason for New Jersey to not to be a safe win in the Democratic column, particularly in a year when it appears at least three of New Jersey’s congressional districts may flip red to blue. This is not voter-specific, not a fault of a disengaged New Jersey Democratic base, in fact Dems and others have been registering voters, door-knocking, and postcard partying for month on the senator’s behalf. This seat put in jeopardy can only be blamed on Bob Menendez himself and on an establishment-worshipping, unfocused Democratic Party, which failed to act to convince Menendez to step aside. It falls to us to save this seat, and save this seat we will.

With the downshift of the NJ race, Cook’s also sees the Democrats’ chances of controlling the Senate dim, and possibilities open for the Republicans to pick up a seat or two. Read the Jennifer E. Duffy’s analysis in full at Cook Political Report.

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  1. Ken T

    Memendez put his own personal interests and ambitions ahead of the good of both the party and the country. He should never have run for re-election, he was seriously damaged goods. And if the state party could not persuade him to step aside they should have made sure there was a credible challenger in the primary. This is a potential disaster for the country and for NJ.


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