CD11: Catching a Jay Webber fan in the act

Promoted by Rosi. A few days ago, Jay Webber posted a damaged Webber for Congress sign, saying “The angry left is fully unhinged.” The former NJ GOP chair’s around long enough to know this kind of shenanigans happens a lot, both sides, and it’s not cool whoever does it. But this was right after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford told about Brett Kavanaugh’s rape attempts as a shit-faced high school athlete, and Kavanaugh responded with a display of belligerent, shouty, contemptuous rage that the GOP quickly tried to convert into victim status – for Kavanaugh, not for his 15-year-old, non-drunk victim. So, it was a big week for Republican BS like ‘angry left’ and ‘unhinged’ . Ah, but then, active Morris Dem Fern Wolkin caught a Webber fan in the act. She got his picture & license plate – should she post them?

Last week, Jay Webber, congressional candidate for the 11th district, posted on Facebook that someone vandalized one of his signs and intimated that it was a Democrat. I remember thinking, that’s not right, no matter what your politics are.  But honestly, I did not think a Democrat did it. But I do know who is stealing signs from the Democrats.

Last Sunday, my husband and I set out to put out Mikie Sherrill and other Democratic candidates’ signs in our town. Most towns have a 30 day rule, so Sunday was the day.  We spent some time picking out the sites and planted the signs. All seemed okay. Bear with me on this. On Tuesday, we went to the forum with Mikie Sherrill and Jay Webber at the Metrowest Jewish Center which is also in my township. On the way home, around 8:30 pm, there is a four-way stop where I saw a car parked and a man stealing the very signs I had spent my time putting out.  I stopped my car and confronted him. I asked him why he was taking the signs. He responded that they were not allowed on public property. I asked him if he worked for the town (of course I knew he didn’t) and he responded that he did not but that the signs shouldn’t be there. I informed him that he was stealing and that I was going to call the police. I then took a photo of his license plate and him.  He pushed the signs back at me and said, “Here, take em” and I told him that he should put them back where he found them. He refused. He just put them against a pole. My friend put them back in the ground. Then, we all left. I filed a police report today and was told that the officer would go to speak to the man.

I don’t know where this is leading but I know that Jay Webber is pretty self-righteous when he thinks his people are better than ours. I have proof!  So I can out this 70ish year old man by posting his license plate and photo, or not. I’m still pondering.

Fern Wolkin
Hanover Township Democratic Committee member

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