#CancelKavanaugh – West Orange Bus Shout-out

This is the West Orange bus to #CancelKavanaugh, rolling down I-95 to Washington since well before 7am. The FBI report has already been sent to senators, with apparently less than a week put in. As Cory Booker’s Senate Judiciary colleague Amy Klobuchar ** noted a few hours ago, Mitch McConnell’s in a rush; he filed cloture late last night, which started the clock for cloture vote Friday, and anticipated confirmation vote Saturday. He started the clock before senators were even given the FBI’s report. There’s only one copy of the report available to senators. It is in a secure room in the basement of the U.S. Capitol; senators admitted in 1-hour increments. CBS News has the list of Republicans who’ve had the first look. Here’s what Booker said nearly a week ago the report should include. Given the rush, and the White House efforts to limit scope, I’ll be surprised if there are surprises, and I look forward to what Booker has to say. Senate Dems have demanded the report be made public, McConnell has refused.

Today, thousands of women & men land in D.C, at the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse, Kavanaugh’s current workplace as a circuit judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals D.C. Circuit, then they march about a mile to the U.S. Supreme Court to rally, then to CWA’s HQ on 3rd Street for a pit stop and home. Here’s the West Orange bus; they’re fired up and on their way. Two videos, very short.

#CancelKavanaugh from Rosi Efthim on Vimeo.


** Last night also, another of Booker’s Senate Judiciary colleagues, Sen. Patrick Leahy of VT, posted a tweet thread detailing Kavanaugh’s history as a Republican political operative and someone who Leahy says lies under oath when pressed with incriminating or difficult questions (this is about Kavaugh’s connection to the Manny Miranda email theft).

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