Buying Elections

I received an email today from Ballotpedia (an organization that provides election information) that contained some interesting statistics about election self-funders.

Do you know who has the record for the largest self-funding campaign?

It’s our former Governor and Goldman Sachs Executive Jon Corzine, who gave his 2000 US Senate campaign $60 million ($83 million in today’s dollars), only to resign from the Senate when he was elected Governor five years later. That’s more than the “president” received in 2016 from the Trump Crime Syndicate.

The two biggest self-funders in this year’s Senate campaign are both wealthy executives who made their fortunes off of sick people. Rick Scott of Florida leads the pack with $51 million of his own money, followed by New Jersey’s Bob Hugin, in second place, who wrote his campaign a check for $27.5 million.

Congressman Tom MacArthur

In his initial run for the US House to become the wealthiest member from New Jersey in 2014, Tom MacArthur gave his campaign $5 million. As far as I can tell, this year, he “only” self-funded to the tune of $800,000 this year, although it’s difficult to track giving to shadow organizations.

You can find more interesting statistics at this site.

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