BREAKING & UPDATED: Cory Booker the latest target of suspicious domestic terror package

UPDATE#3: There may be a 13th package (Booker’s was the 11th) found in Sacramento and addressed to Sen. Kamala Harris. 

UPDATE#2: CNN is reporting a man has been arrested in connection with the mail bombs sent to national leaders, including Booker. As details came in, he is described as a 56-year-old white man, whose white van was covered on the inside with photos of Donald Trump, presidential seal decals and right-wing messages. Further updating, we now have a name: Cesar Sayoc Jr. of NY & Florida, arrested late this morning, driving a van loaded with regal images of Trump, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein in crosshairs, “CNN Sucks” and “Liberal Meltdown”

UPDATE: Trump has weighed in on what is being described as a series of assassination attempts on current and former national officials. The apparently unconcerned president calls it “bomb stuff.” Here’s his tweet 10:19am: “Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this “Bomb” stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows – news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!

Cory Booker is the latest target of a suspicious package – another bomb, apparently – discovered in Florida and addressed to Senator Booker. The package is “similar in appearance to others” sent to critics of Donald Trump, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Also discovered today, a package like the others addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and addressed to CNN; that package was discovered in a NYC postal facility.

The manhunt to find the person responsible is now nation-wide. Several of the packages went through a mail facility in Opa-locka, Florida, where the Booker package was found, and that facility was evacuated last nigh and is now is being searched for clues. Some of the packages carry a return address of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida congresswoman and former chair of the DNC.

The FBI announced the discovery via Twitter within the hour (below). More as info comes in.

PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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  1. Joe

    Can you imagine the uproar and hysteria trolling that would be going on if major GOP politicians, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, etc, ad nauseam, had received mail bombs. That would all we would be hearing about 24/7. The mail bombs are in the news but the GOP and Trump are treating them dismissively and vile propagandists like Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs are saying it’s all fake and a false flag operation by Democrats. If the mail bomb shoe were on the other foot, Trump would have called out the troops and that would all he would be screaming about.


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