Are Trump’s pipe dreams bringing us pipe bombs with Sen. Booker the latest victim?

UPDATE: We now have a pretty good idea of why suspect Cesar Sayoc did it.

“An explosive “pipe-bomb” style device similar to those targeting Democratic politicians and activists critical of President Trump was sent to the Camden office of U.S. Sen. Cory Booker.”  The package was intercepted at a South Florida U.S. Postal Service center mail sorting facility. 

The FBI has just arrested a suspect, but so far little is known by us as to why the perpetrator is doing it, and why none of the “pipe bombs” have exploded. The suspect(s) could be anyone including a “mad as hell” person under the influence of Trump. If so, why be a wimp about it with plenty of bark but no bite? On the far other extreme it could even be a crazy Democrat trying to  throw suspicion at Trump backers, but not wanting to hurt anyone. Perhaps with the arrest we will soon have an answer.

Gov. Murphy issued a vague tweet about coordinating a response: “Saddened and angered that an explosive device was sent to @CoryBooker’s office. @NJOHSP is working closely with federal, state, and local partners to monitor the situation and coordinate our response. Grateful to law enforcement for keeping us safe from these acts of terror.” Not to be grouchy, but more specifically in this case Murphy should be grateful to the US Postal Service for keeping us safe.

Regardless of the who or why, we all should be “saddened and angered” by the monomaniacal Trump who is so preoccupied with stirring the pot of dissension and discord which only separates us rather that uniting us. His pipe dreams will not prevail.

Our sympathy to Sen. Booker who, while not physically harmed, must in moments like this feel the pain of having to confront his own mortality just because he is a prominent senator.

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