Happy Anniversary – to Marsha, Louise & lots of people

This public love note was written by Louise Walpin for her wife Marsha Shapiro, and posted to friends this weekend. Yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of marriage equality, and the anniversary for Marsha & Louise, pronounced married seconds after midnight, at the home of marriage warrior Sen. Ray Lesniak and his now-wife Salena Carroll Lesniak, with Sen. Loretta Weinberg walking brides to the chuppah, now-Assemblyman Jamel Holley officiating, now rabbi-in-training Steven Goldstein doing the blessing, and a gazillion reporters. It’s anniversary week for so many couples who waited for the rest of us to catch up; we’re happy for everybody. But also on our guard for the right’s effort to throw us back by picking off people they think can be peeled off from the rest of us. Now, wants to harm more than a million trans people who define themselves as a gender other than that suggested by their birth. Marsha & Louise wanted me to mention that; we won’t stop fighting for each other, and against those bound to Trump. Promoted by Rosi

October 21: It’s been 5 years since we were legally able to marry. The door to equality, which we had fought for for so long was finally ours. We had all the rights and responsibilities of any married couple. So many thoughts today.. I love you Marsha. ♥️💜We’ve weathered so much over the years yet somehow always come out on top. Happy anniversary honey. Thank you to Senator Raymond Lesniak and Salena Carroll Lesniak for throwing us a wonderful wedding and to Senator Loretta Weinberg for walking me down the aisle. Thank you Asm Jamel Jamel C. Holley and Steven Goldstein for performing the ceremony.

On a more somber note, the rights we thought would be ours forever are being stripped by the right wing governing our country. LGBTQ individuals are losing their rights; People of color are being denied the right to vote and are being killed for being in their own apartment; children are being taken from their parents and placed in detention camps; and an angry man accused of sexual assault by several women was confirmed to be a Justice at the Supreme Court of the United States. The country has gone mad. We need a BLUE WAVE to restore the justice that we fought for in NJ, and that other minority groups have fought for through the centuries in the U.S.. We only have a small window of time to save all our country stands for. There is no perfect candidate, just as there is no perfect individual. Not voting while we waited for the perfect candidate, or voting third party got us the current White House occupant. GOTV for candidates who believe in American Values: liberty and justice for all. Marsha and I have it easy: Senator Menendez and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman have a long, documented history of supporting these American principles. Time to take back our country. #Bluewave

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