Why I Won’t Be at the Democratic State Conference – Sen. Loretta Weinberg

Wearing a button: Uppity Women Unite. Photo: PhillyMag

I will not be attending the State Democratic Conference next week. Because of the late notice, and some obligations to local fundraisers and campaign activities, I will have to miss out this year.

I certainly hope it is a successful gathering as we in NJ get ready to do our part to flip some seats from red to blue.  But I do have some wishes for future conferences:

  1. Publicize with more advance warning.
  2. Move it to a time when we’re not busy working to win November elections (How about April?)
  3. Have issue discussions – like a panel on the pros & cons of moving toward impeachment, or hot topics in the legislature, or ideas around developing a party platform where we have common beliefs representing our environmental concerns, women’s access to reproductive health care, or supporting the State move toward undoing the Republican SALT legislation, or prison reform, or immigration reform – just to name a few.
  4. How about bringing in some of our new young and diverse grassroots leaders running voter registration programs and rebuilding our local parties from the ground up. I could recommend a few from my neck of the woods, as I’m sure so many others can too.
  5. Wouldn’t it be great to showcase some of the young folks giving us new ideas and new energy – such as the NJ student leaders who have emerged since the awful Parkland murders.
  6. I’d love to hear a panel discussion led by our great group of women county party leaders – the women who have become our ”party bosses” in their respective counties.

I could go on. But I think you get the idea.

So while I wish all the attendees energy, camaraderie, and a fun gathering, I hope there can be some plans about reconstituting future gatherings. Now let’s go on to flip those seats. Let’s help our Senator Menendez keep his seat firmly Blue. We have an enormous responsibility for all the reasons we know too well to make New Jersey a leader in making the Blue Wave a reality.

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  1. NJBlech

    I was onboard until she (ugh) went to bat for Menendez.


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