Which American large city does the best job of integrating immigrants? 

Under a Trumpian administration where immigrants more frequently are derided, degraded, and deported, we can be proud that the answer to the above question is: “It’s Newark, N.J.” followed by Baltimore and Chula Vista. Jersey City is not far behind. 

  The New American Economy (NAE) Cities Index is a just-released comprehensive, interactive look at how the nation’s largest 100 cities welcome immigrants. Its index examines 51 different policies and practices, as well as 20 different socioeconomic outcomes, to assess cities on their work to integrate newcomers.  


Newark tops the NAE Cities Index with an unsurpassed overall score of 4.03, a policy score of 3.80 and a socioeconomic score of 4.25. NAE says the ”city boasts population gains over the past six years, as well as increases in overall educational attainment levels and decreases in violent crime rates. If not for immigrants, New Jersey’s largest city would have experienced a net loss of residents.” You can access more NAE data on Newark here.


Not far behind, Jersey City received an overall score of 3.45, policy score of 3.4 and socioeconomic score of 3.5. NAE says, “Jersey City achieves a strong score. The city earns high marks for Livability and Legal Support, and posts solid marks across the board. Inclusivity and Economic Prosperity are two areas where the city could improve.” You can access more NAE data on Jersey City here.

We have every reason to celebrate these cities and the contributions made by immigrants in our state:  

  • Immigrant Residents: 2,006,279.
  • Immigrant Share of the Population: 22.4%. 
  • Immigrant Taxes Paid: 23.6 Billion. 
  • Immigrant Spending Power: $58.7 Billion. 
  • Immigrant Entrepreneurs: 124,631

Read also NAE’s article Power of the Purse: How Hispanics Contribute to the U.S. Economy.

Immigrants: “We get the job done,” and “We deserve better.”

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