Weekend News Roundup for Sept. 22-23, 2018

This is Washington D.C., pre-dawn today 9/23/18. Thousands of women are on their way to protest Brett Kavanaugh. Photo: Winnie Wong. 

Sorry for the late Weekend News Roundup, but I’m on the road Atlantic City –> Westport, CT –> Morris Plains, NJ and just landed in a coffee shop with wifi and power. This Roundup will also loop back to some 2018 Democratic State Conference coverage. 

NJ State Dems in Atlantic City

Quote of the Day: “The Senate president has scheduling conflicts that won’t allow his attendance, but it is also true that the Senate president and many other Democrats are unhappy with the state party for taking sides in policy debates among Democrats. The party is supposed to represent all Democrats, and it is divisive and counterproductive to take sides.” – Senate spokesman Rich McGrath

Answer of the Day from Blue Jersey: When the State Party takes sides for forward movement and against bullshit, nearly all Democrats are cool with that. Those who missed the Conf for legit reasons were missed. Those who missed it because they’re in a snit, were not.
And here’s LG Sheila Oliver: Stop the petty nonsense. Stop arguing over who gets to sit in the bigger chair. It’s not about these titles. It’s about putting your nose to the grindstone and doing the work for the people.”

Following a record crowd of NJ Dems at Harrah’s, there was a regional meeting & training with Virgie Rollins, national DNC Black Caucus Chair. 

“The day of reckoning is now.”This was the speech in Atlantic City to a record crowd of Democrats. People were on their feet. There is no mistaking the difference between bone-deep political values and politically-convenient ones. We know the difference. #TeamBaraka

44 Days

CD5: Home of a Rep. Josh Gottheimer supporter is vandalized with swastikas and nasty messages

CD3 flashpoint: Booker goes into Burlington County for Andy Kim. Slaps MacArthur: Watch.

Donald Trump’s #1 go-to in New Jersey: INSIDERNJ’s interview with CD3’s Tom MacArthur

Menendez says Kavanaugh accuser should be heard. Blue Jersey covered the senator’s Princeton rally – here (Marsha & Louise), here (Elizabeth Meyer) and here (Steven Goldstein) – – and here (Senator Menendez’ remarks)

CD7: At the debate moderated by News2’s Eric Landskrone, Rep. Leonard Lance appears to lean hard on a ‘carpetbagger’ charge that Tom Malinowski has most recently worked in Washington (he grew up in the district), while the Dem challenger hit Lance on the incumbent’s actual record.  Malinowski is up 8 points, per Monmouth Poll.

Arizona but wowSix of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings urge voters to support his Democratic opponent. Well, here’s a clue why.

New Jersey

TRUTH: NJ women still sexually harassed at work a year after #MeToo movement caught fire. Majority of men & women say debate has no effect on their workplace

Is your town on the list? Here are the 30 NJ towns with the lowest property tax rates

Bergen Sheriff Saudino is pushed out after ignorant and racist comments. Here’s Phil Murphy’s statement. He’ll pick who’s next.

Newark City Council members, this wasn’t your shining moment. SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor was at the Library with her children’s book, and to excite children about reading, the front seats probably had families in them. You get plenty of chances for VIP treatment.

Do you know what to do if you know somebody abused by a Catholic priest?


#WhyIDidntReport Trump is an idiot, with little understanding of the lives of others. Twitter responds

Wisconsin, but awwwwww. 75-year-old retired volunteer comes in to the animal shelter to brush, then nap with the kitties. Sleeps about an hour, wakes up, switches cats. They love him. I love him.

Spartacus is ready for his closing up. Drew Sheneman: 





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