VIDEO from Holtec protest against racist, classist comments about Camden people & Holtec responds

Protest right now outside the Holtec HQ in Camden, the company located in that city on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers through massive tax breaks. This week Holtec CEO Dr. Kris Singh engaged in the worst kind of racist and classist stereotypes about the people of Camden. A few minutes before the protest began, Holtec offered up a statement which may ring hollow to those he offended. He claims he was “misconstrued” and misrepresented, that not every word that he said was reported. But he does not deny he said what he said, so blaming the reporter, or Mayor Frank Moran, or residents he evidently feels superior to, may not fix this for him. He says he’s proud of being part of Camden’s “renaissance,” which is how Democratic party boss George Norcross likes to describe creating pristine corporate islands on Camden’s land, present but clearly and apparently deliberately isolated and dismissive from her people. Norcross sits on Holtec’s board and drove most of the Christie-era corporate welfare to corporations connected to him.

BTW Here’s are Holtec phone numbers: Holtec’s “Ethics Committee”  is (800) 465-8320 Ext. 3618. Local number for Chief Communications Officer Joy Russell is (856)797-0900
Thank you, Ronsha Dickerson for posting video publicly. And Steve Danley for flagging it for us.
Background on this issue here (on the protest), here (on Rep. Don Norcross siding with Holtec), and here (Camden Mayor’s outrage). Holtec’s statement and a video of the 1pm protest are below:
To unmute video: Use the volume slider, bottom right of video. The visual seems cut off, not sure why the embed code is doing that. Audio’s fine.

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