Stephen Colbert – on Chris Smith’s bizarre statement: gay parents vs. orphanages

Josh Welle, the Democrat opposing the previously indestructible Rep. Chris Smith, has an email out to supporters today with a sexy title to drive up the open rate:

My opponent is Stephen Colbert’s punchline

Yeah, I opened that. It’s a standard fundraising appeal asking us all to contribute to his $45,360 FEC goal, apparently all that off Rep. Smith’s monumentally homophobic and anti-family remark, caught on audio. That’s an oddly specific number, but OK. There’s a screenshot of Colbert’s making merciless fun of “cinderblock American” Smith (above). A click of that leads you to the donation page but never actually shows you Colbert’s monologue. So here it is, with Welle’s donation link below the vid, should you be so moved.

Donate to Josh Welle campaign.
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