Roe v. Wade: Rachel Maddow on Cory Booker & Dems Kavanaugh strategy

Rachel Maddow last night, explaining why yesterday’s fireworks in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing – in which Cory Booker took a leading role – wasn’t just a spectacle for attention or a futile stunt, but a focused effort to block Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court. A real strategy that makes sense. This nominee isn’t a sure thing; there are reasons why the Democrats could possibly succeed, even given the Democrats’ minority position. Because all they have to do is flip two Republicans. And they know which two they want.

Start at mark 8:20 for most relevant part (Maddow’s entire segment,26 min, is useful for context). 28-sec ad precedes.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    From Bernie Sanders late last night:


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