Radio Personality Kicked Off Air For Racist Rant Hates Kaepernick

Racist Hates Protests Against Racism

Judi Franco, the mid-day 101.5 FM talk jock kicked off the air for a ignorant and racist rant, is not surprisingly advocating for NJ’s pensions to divest from Nike in a protest over Colin Kaepernick’s protests.

Marty Barrett, I salute you. I hate the idea that my tax dollars would be invested in any company who supports Kaepernick. So I hope NJ divests in Nike. And I hope that Nike feels it in the pocketbook.

Yeah, racist opposes man who protests racism.  Who could have guessed?

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  1. Joe

    NJ101.5 is such a vile, repulsive station. It dependably caters to the lowest common denominator right winger troglodyte and Neanderthal. Years ago, when I was commuting to work, NJ101.5 had good weather and traffic reports but other than that, it was unlistenable. Jim Gearhart would foam at the mouth with diatribes against the teacher union and teacher pensions. It was remarkably vicious and revolting from someone who probably belonged to a union himself. His attitude was, how dare those teachers have pensions, health benefits and tenure. Seriously, are there any real actual liberals left on talk radio in this country? Talk radio is 99.99% far right wing vomiters from sea to shining sea in every possible hamlet across the country. NYC, supposedly a liberal bastion, has mostly rightwing/libertarians spewing their propaganda 24/7 on the most powerful stations. Lionel (who has morphed into a conspiracy nut) and Mike Savage (has always been a despicable nut) were recently given a tour of the Trump White House, that says it all.

    1. NJBlech

      Progressive/liberal talk has never been popular on commercial terrestrial radio. Can you name a big liberal name who was on the radio? Nationally, I can only think of Alan Colmes and Ed Shultz but they are hardly big names and they’re both dead. Air America was around in the 2000s before Maddow went to MSNBC and Franken headed to the US Senate. Locally, I have nothing. I am OK with that. I don’t want a liberal Rush Limbaugh equivalent demonizing everyone I disagree with politically. Also listenership of traditional radio is sharply declining. In new cars the AM/FM controls can be hard to find below the media screen. I know I have largely stopped listening.

      1. Joe

        How would we ever know if progressive/liberal talk was popular or not. Mild liberals like Richard Bey, Lynne Samuels, strong liberals like Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, Sam Seder and others were purged from standard talk radio. The fact that talk radio is overwhelmingly far right wing is not an accident, it’s policy at the highest levels. These plutocrats don’t want Americans to hear about wealth inequality, the importance of unions or that the rest of the wealthy democracies have universal health care but not the richest economy on earth. Thank goodness for the Internet, I can listen to liberals and progressives ideas.

      2. Rosi Efthim

        Ron Kuby, the criminal defense and civil rights attorney, who for nearly 4 years was partnered with right-winger Curtis Sliwa on WABC. They had the 12 noon-3pm slot that Rush Limbaugh had before he left WABC after years. Curtis and Kuby were great together. Sliwa never makes any sense and talks in rhymes but he’s extraordinarily listenable, and well liked. And Kuby brought enormous intelligent insight to the devolution of current events by providing big-picture context, informed by a well-grounded understanding of politics from a very good lefty perspective.

        And he used WABC’s fat salary to underwrite taking more cases pro-bono. Bonus.


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