News Roundup for Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018

So, this happened. This billboard in Union for the upcoming movie. Some are freaking out – but too bad, it’s a private billboard on private property. 

This happened too – Bob Woodward’s account has top advisors of Trump’s calling him an idiot, and trying to save the White House from his dumb moves.

We live-tweeted most of the Kavanaugh hearing yesterday,  – at @BlueJersey – including some moments where Cory Booker took point for the Democrats. There were at least 5 big heat-seeking missiles fired at Kavanaugh by Booker. Then there was this moment where Kavanaugh refused to shake hands with Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter was shot to death in Parkland, FL on Valentines Day.

Speaking of Booker, The 74, an education site, gives Cory Booker a big chance to talk about Newark schools, and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million windfall and what happened to it. Expect far more critical analysis of this issue as 2020 approaches.

Expect more of this as we careen toward 2020. The Ugly Truth About Cory Booker – On why New Jersey isn’t quite as impressed with Cory as everybody else is. (Olivia Nuzzi)

TODAY in CD11: Joe Biden stumps for Mikie Sherrill in Montclair. Who’s more pumped, Mikie Sherrill insurgents or Joe Biden fans with 2020 dreams?

Looping back to Gabby Giffords head-scratching decision in late summer: Why Gabby Giffords Just Endorsed 2 Republicans in New Jersey

In CD11, GOP’s Jay Webber accuses Mikie Sherrill of lying about the impact the Republican tax cut will have on property values in the district. Her reply cites Frelinghuysen’s own words in opposing the cut.

In CD4’s uphill Dem challenge against Rep. Chris Smith, Josh Welle’s first ad is out. It’s got a great, standout line.

More money, more upgrades, more donations to local candidates. Phil & Tammy Murphy are credited with helping drive a $3.5 million fundraising boom for the NJDSC, including erasing all debt.

Judge rules they must return the moneySuperior Court Judge rules former Salem County GOP Chair Fran Grenier violated state election laws by accepting $220,000 from the estate of a deceased Republican supporter

Analysis: Growth won’t sustain Murphy’s agenda, adding pressure to raise taxes

The gas tax was just raisedand it could keep going up.

I’ve already tossed all my Teflon pans, so … New Jersey just became the first state to regulate chemical PFNA in our drinking water.

Deadline to respond is Friday: The Murphy administration may be open to settle a lawsuit from a coalition of civil rights groups accusing the state of being complicit in allowing New Jersey one of America’s most segregated public school systems.

So how much is Murphy to blame for NJ Transit commuters new Summer of Hell?

Just have a wrestle in some lime Jello and get it over with. Murphy (again) vetoes minutes of a South Jersey board with close ties to Steve Sweeney.

This happened, too. Rare Queen Butterfly spotted in a park in North Jersey. Only 4 ever sighted in New Jersey ever. Photo: Jill Homcy.

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