News Roundup for Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Oyster Creek shuts down. The oldest operating nuke in the U.S. was the Oyster Creek reactor in Ocean County. But yesterday, it was shut down permanently. That doesn’t mean the site is safe from disaster since tons of radioactive waste will be stored there for the foreseeable future. When the harmful detritus moved to a permanent resting place, it will be transported over our crumbling infrastructure.  And the plant operator, Exelon, is washing its hands of the tricky cleanup, contracting that task to Holtec (yes, that Holtec) for $1.4 billion. Meanwhile, the BPU is considering using your money to prop up other nukes, both inside New Jersey and out-of-state.

Moving from dirty nuclear to clean wind, Governor Murphy’s offshore wind initiative picks up steam.

Progress. Governor Murphy and public sector unions reach an agreement on changes to health care benefits.

Take an umbrella when you walk the dog. Florence is here. Among the New Jersey aid to the Carolinas is this group from Cape May.

Channeling @RealDonaldTrump – Perth Amboy councilman is accused of improper use of social media.

Pushing back on PARCC elimination are a number of South Jersey Democratic legislators, bucking the governor’s agenda.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel because there’s no friggin’ tunnel. It may be too late to avert an economic disaster, but the time to start construction on a new Trans-Hudson tunnel is now.

Mahwah bigotry case settled with NJ Attorney General’s office. Meanwhile, Rockaway Township schedules a meeting on Yom Kippur while anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in Newark.

Will the Atlantic City Airport take off? If at first, you don’t succeed

Shouldn’t they be doing something more productive? Roanoke Times blames New Jersey for traffic circle confusion – and features a photo of a traffic circle that no longer exists.


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