News Roundup for Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Actual President of the United States failing miserably the call to be reverent and quiet.
Shankville, Pennsylvania. September 11, 2018

Our condolences to Rep. Josh Gottheimer, whose mom Gwenn Feldman has died. Fourteen years ago, when Gottheimer was 29 and a speechwriter for John Kerry, his teacher mom talked about how proud of his career in politics she was. Read it here


#DemEnter Notebook, new Blue Jersey series on party reformProgressives are almost always told to zip it for the good of the party. Here’s one one big reason why that’s bad reasoning.

So, here is what the Dem State Conf Agenda looks like. Are you going?


Only the Trump administration could fuck up two hugely important things at the same time. Trump took millions from FEMA and put it into ICE.

Pufferfish puffs (try saying that 5 times fast). Insider NJ spotlights Chris Christie’s feeble tweety efforts to retaliate against dead-accurate descriptions of him by Trump insiders in Bob Woodward’s new book.


3 new generic ballot polls have very good news for Democrats

Uncle Joe still wants to play. A D.C.-based fundraising committee that appears tied to Biden launches to raise for Malinowski, Van Drew, Sherrill and Kim.

Funny how there was way less disavowing going on 5 years ago when Democrats were endorsing Chris Christie. Ocean County Dems disavow their own candidate for Freeholder after Hugin endorsement 

Bob Hugin wants to blame Fort Monmouth’s closing on Bob Menendez. The process to close it began under George W. Bush, and Menendez was a congressman then, not even the congressman from that district. He opposed Fort Monmouth closing. Nice try though, other Bob.

CD7: Malinowski gives a respectful tip of the hat to the late John McCain, and reminds voters of his own bio

CD7: In another move to spotlight his bio, Malinowski will get a fundraising appearance from John Kerry

CD4: Rep. Chris Smith issues strong denial of reports and Welle campaign claims that he said parentless children would be better off in an orphanage than with gay people as parents.


Best News containing the word Cosby in many years

Geoffrey Owens lands guest spot on ’NCIS’ after an attempt to shame him with photos of him working at a North Jersey Trader Joes. Owens lives in Montclair and is the son of the late Rep. Major Owens, Democrat representing Brownsville, Brooklyn. He was a regular on The Cosby Show. 


  • Governor Murphy, be a Water Protector. A ban on fracking in the Delaware River watershed is expected this year, but there’s still a proposal to allow discharge of fracking waste in the region. Gov. Murphy, you can block that.

The New Jersey State Board of Education did not vote today on the Murphy Administration proposed changes to the graduation requirements to enable students to graduate without having to pass PARCC and reducing the number of PARCC tests high school students must take from 6 to 2 as well as reducing the time spent on PARCC testing. The vote will likely be held at next month’s State Board meeting.

What does this mean?

It is possible, although not at all a given, that the forces fighting to keep Governor Christie’s horrible regulations in place have the support of a majority of State Board members. However the vote would go, we believe it would be very close! Most of the current State Board members were nominated by Governor Christie and approved to serve on the State Board by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate, under the control of Senate President Steve Sweeney. Although not all those nominated by Christie share his destructive education philosophy, there are some who do. 

Governor Murphy can only replace the State Board members as their terms expire. One of the current state board members’ terms expired in June so that individual can be replaced at any time. Governor Murphy has nominated a replacement who has to be approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate before being able to serve on the State Board of Education. 

Will Senate President Sweeney keep Governor Murphy’s selection off the State Board of Education in order to allow Christie’s picks to force more PARCC and more high stakes standardized testing on our children?  We will be asking all of you to let Senate President Sweeney and the rest of the Senate know how parents, students and teachers feel about these changes.  



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