News Roundup for Monday, Sept. 17, 2018


As if commuting’s not hell enough. This guy. Giving himself a full shave on on NJ Transit.  H/t Deci.

Hey, I thought was our state muffin. But I’m cool if it becomes the blueberry, Asw Carol Murphy, especially if it’s kids that see it through.

Remember that Blue Jersey post about Newark West Side HS principal Akbar Cook, who realized some of his kids were getting bullied because they had to come to school in dirty clothes, so he put in washers & dryers for the kids to use free? Well, Akbar Cook’s commitment to his students’ full lives moved everybody. Ellen DeGeneres just gave him a check for $50,000 for West Side on her show.

Johnny Bobbitt’s homeless GoFundMe story has state AG questioning online fundraising.

The Janus ruling: Can NJ labor unions survive major blow from Supreme Court?

RIP. Former NJ State Treasurer Clifford A. Goldman, a respected public finance expert whose ability to identify weaknesses in the 1977 tax plan proposed by the Republican candidate for governor played a critical role in the re-election of Gov. Brendan Byrne, died yesterday at his home in Ewing.  He was 75.

Our corny (and much more menschy governor). collected its favorite Murphyisms


Kavanaugh’s accuser now has a name. She is Christine Blasey Ford, 51, a professor. She describes an attempted rape; he muscled her into a bedroom, onto a bed, and tried to remove her clothes. His hand was over her mouth so she couldn’t scream, and she thought he might kill her. He was 17, she was 15 years old. And she is now willing to testify before Congress.

Body County Politics and the Cost of Lost History – What the news doesn’t talk about in our annual retelling of September 11, as we all watch the spectacle of Donald Trump try to lie about the Puerto Rico hurricane death toll. This by Bob Hennelly is a critical read for all of us in the NYC vicinity.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Robert Menendez’ political fight for survival (Friedman)

The unusual font in red. Photo via Matt Friedman twitter.

Something fishy alright. Somebody on Twitter said it best: Looks like they searched for the chop-suey-ist font they could find.

DCCC has an in-house poll that shows Andy Kim neck-and-neck with Rep. Tom MacArthur. Normally, I discount internal polls, but this one – showing Kim 47%, MacArthur 45% – is not far-off from the more objective Monmouth poll in August

Yes of course. Bob Hugin says Senate should investigate Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations

Sires looks to build West New York landslide for Menendez

Transgressing Goldwater in CD11 – Things have changed. Now when Republicans lie about health care, they have to do it differently.


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