News Roundup for Friday, Sept. 14, 2018

Flags at half-staff today in honor of the late Assemblyman Peter Barnes Jr.,
by order of Acting Gov. Sheila Oliver


Holtec is the #1 beneficiary of massive corporate welfare to locate operations in Camden. But Holtec’s CEO  shows he has no respect for Camden’s citizens. Does the city’s congressman Don Norcross defend his constituents? Nope. Stay tuned for what’s next …

Max Pizarro hurls every easy Somerset County stereotype at Somerset Dems in a post ostensibly about the CD7 Lance v. Malinowski contest. I’m sure it’s all in good fun.

Sea level rise in NJ: The nightmare scenario

Carteret: Fred Gattuso’s opponents say he spouts racist rants online. He says they fabricated the posts. And there’s more.

Local Atlantic City-area officials not surprised by scathing CRDA audit, but also look forward to what new leadership may do.

No background checks meant accusations against Palisades Park school guards were missed. And maybe some of these guards are entirely inappropriate to be armed and around kids

The Trump Era

Cory Booker is still releasing ‘committee confidential’ Kavanaugh documents to the public, and defying a right-wing group’s charge that he’s committed ethical violations

This bears further investigation, though it was decades ago. Brett Kavanaugh reportedly accused of sexual misconduct in letter flagged to the FBI by Democrats

Busy silly tweeter Donald Trump says the Hurricane Maria death toll was inflated by Democrats for political purposes, saying when he left the island there were “6 to 18 deaths” and only later were upwards of 3,000 deaths reported. New Jersey reacts. Clearly this president doesn’t understand how catastrophes unfold. This was your president in Puerto Rico, a year ago:


They should. Will Chris Smith’s gay adoption remarks make him another endangered Republican?

When you’re not a police officer, and you’re issued a ‘courtesy badge,’ it’s totally on you not to flash it indiscriminately. And take the fall when you don’t. Port Authority big, Caren Turner, flashed gold badge at traffic stop, now they’re on the verge of being banned.

At Insider NJ, Alan Steinberg says if Barack Obama comes for Tom Malinowski, Lance can rest easy that he has Gov. Tom Kean and his “even more voter appeal” at his disposal. Not to take anything from the popular Kean, but he hasn’t been governor for 28 years and Steinberg may be forgetting that there’s been a generational shift since then. And Obama was president a mere 20 months ago, when the world was new and the White House smelled less like sulphur and more of Michelle’s Brussel’s sprouts growing in the garden.


Where’s your Governor? Back from San Francisco, but no public schedule. But Acting Gov. Oliver was busy yesterday with the Gov in Cali; she filed a raft of board and judicial nominations.

The state’s oldest state senator, 84-year-old Republican Gerald Cardinale, is doing well after a car accident this week.

There’s momentum across the country for a Medicare-for-All kind of approach to healthcare. There’s a bill in the NJ Legislature that is very promising. Here’s the status of that.

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