Movie Trailer: Black Women Candidates Rising in ‘GRABBING BACK’ – with Tanzie Youngblood & Tamara Harris

From GRABBING BACK Janice Roots (friend of the film), Pamela French (Director), Tanzie Youngblood at March for Our Lives in Washington, DC 4-24-18

Tamara Harris of West Orange

Out this week is the trailer for a documentary film tracking the wave of African American women breaking barriers to run for Congress – and two are from Jersey. Tanzie Youngblood who ran in CD2, is the most egregious victim in recent history of the power of the South Jersey Democratic machine to pre-select its own, and pump them to victory with national Democratic Party assent. Youngblood declared while Rep. Frank LoBiondo was still running for re-election; she was ready for an uphill battle. But she was knocked out of the primary contest by Jeff Van Drew, with his 100% Rating from the NRA, who didn’t get in till LoBo dropped out  – but got the endorsement of all 8 Democratic county chairs in CD2 on the very day he announced. Tamara Harris, who speaks 3 languages and has both business and social work in her background, is also profiled. Harris lost her primary race in CD11 to another woman, former Navy pilot/federal prosecutor Mikie Sherrill, also endorsed by Dem chairs in her district.

One of the points this movie drives home is that black women candidates, while credited with saving the Democratic Party’s ass in  recent high-stakes contests, don’t necessarily get the support of the status quo Party [and btw landing on the cover of TIME Magazine doesn’t necessarily get you a win]. Nevertheless, many of these women are local trailblazers, adding their voices and labor to shift the Trump trajectory and grab back the House. I’m charged up watching this, which begins – damn RIGHT – with the magnificent, late, UNBOUGHT and UNBOSSED Shirley Chisholm.

In addition to our own Jersey women, GRABBING BACK also tracks across the country, including Ayanna Pressley (YES, Cory), who just beat a 10-term Dem liberal congressman by running to his left.


GRABBING BACK TRAILER 9-16 from Pamela French on Vimeo.
Grabbing Back on Kickstarter – including an intro to the film by producer/director Pamela French

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