Monday: Georgia Gov Nominee Stacey Abrams in Newark

I think just about everybody here knows who Stacey Abrams is; not, she’s the Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia. If she wins, she will not only be Georgia’s first black woman governor, she will be the first black woman running a state in this country.

That’s groundbreaking but not the only reason this woman is who I hope makes that history. TIME Magazine has the best profile I’ve read about the kind of woman Stacey Abrams is; her family (“genteel but poor,” meaning they watched PBS and read books but had no money), her bio (she’s written romance novels under another name, started businesses), political history (got a seat in the legislature, became house minority leader, first woman in either party to lead a caucus, single-handedly stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history). More than this, I have heard from friends who’ve worked with her that she is a powerhouse speaker, so smart she can explain the Republicans’ own bills to them, then vote against them (that’s in TIME, too), and is the right human being to break the ground she can break.

This is a high-dollar event, with the lowest-price ticket ($150) sold out (info/RSVP). I’m not going, but I thought you should know that some of New Jersey’s rainmakers *** are hosting a welcome breakfast fundraiser for her next Monday. And I’ve got all kinds of YES for that.

Stacey Abrams – website – and Twitter @staceyabrams

*** Among special guests: Sen. Cory Booker, LG Sheila Oliver, Rev. Dr. David Jefferson, NJDSC Chair John Currie, Mayor Ras Baraka, First Lady Tammy Snyder Murphy


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