“Long Days” – CD4 Dem Josh Welle’s first ad

Have to say CD4 Dem Josh Welle has not inspired me, and is running one of the steepest uphill races in the country against Rep. Chris Smith – who is awful and needs to go, but somehow year after year just doesn’t and can’t be made to. Welle strikes me as a cookie-cutter candidate tailored for a district used to Republicans, where doing better may simply mean replacing an with a D. Small moves, but we’ll take what we can get because we need every seat we can get.

“I’m going against a guy who’s been in office 38 years. I’m 38 years old. We have a congressman here in Central Jersey who hasn’t done a town hall in 25 years.”   – Josh Welle

That’s a pull-out quote from Welle’s first ad for CD4, and doesn’t make you want to see the whole thing? It did me.

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