“Jersey Values” – Josh Gottheimer’s first TV ad. What do you think?

Jersey Values, the CD5 Dem Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s first TV ad in this cycle is up, emailed to supporters along with a fundraising appeal. Gottheimer took Scott Garrett’s seat on the same day America elected Donald Trump, and this is his first campaign defending his seat. This ad focuses on Gottheimer’s constituent service and profile in the district, and it’s narrated by a firefighter, a grandma, a Democratic mayor and a Republican mayor, and a veteran – all white, and all middle-aged, except a younger fireman. Cook’s rates NJ-5 as Likely Democratic. 

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. Marie Corfield

    There should be more people of color in the ad (Malinowski’s ad is mighty white, too), but it was probably created to reflect the demographics of his district. I don’t know what the numbers are, but damn, if not, then both campaigns are pretty oblivious.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Wiki says this about New Jersey’s CD5 demographics:

      89.3% White
      1.5% Black
      6.6% Asian
      4.5% Hispanic
      0.2% Native American
      0.2% other

  2. Louise Walpin

    I fall into the demographic he appears to be targeting (Caucasian grandmother) and the ad didn’t do anything for me. I had to watch it two times to figure out what NJ values he is addressing.. Apparently they are limited to veterans, firefighters and cutting taxes. What about teachers? Increased funding for schools? Medicare for all? Equal pay? Higher minimum wage? Clean air? As a grandmother, I want to know we are creating a better world for my grandchildren.

    1. Leslie Boen

      I live in an adjoining district but super close to the 5th. This is his demo.


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