In the Belly of the Beast

The Gibson House is a municipal meeting venue in Evesham Township, a Republican-dominated community whose mayor is an unabashed Trump supporter (and also happens to be the kicking coach for the Baltimore Ravens. But I digress).

Gibson House

It also houses the District Office of Congressman Tom MacArthur, who among other things is a beneficiary of lots of corporate PAC money. You may recall that in 2010, in the Supreme Court case Citizens United v FEC, the court amazingly equated corporations to people and basically eliminated constraints on corporate political donations.

So what better place for Democratic congressional challenger Andy Kim to host a rally with Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United, an organization dedicated to mitigating the effect of corporate money in elections.

Speaking to a group of about 60 Kim supporters one floor below MacArthur’s office, Muller talked about her organization’s early endorsement of Kim and the need to restore power to the electorate, not corporations. And TMac’s staff couldn’t avoid hearing the enthusiasm exploding up from below.



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